Inspiring, Exciting & Fun

For boys and girls in Year 5 who love learning!

About Us

A fun and exciting 12-month programme for pupils from local primary schools who are passionate about learning. Led by specialist teachers from Hampton School, our young learners will explore English, Maths, Philosophy and Science through a range of inspiring and thought-provoking activities.

The programme is run at Hampton School across Saturday mornings from January in Year 5 until December in Year 6. We are pleased to offer this course without charge.

Our curriculum


Inspiring numbers

  • Awesome addition
  • Tricky triangles
  • Grisly grids


Wonderful words

  • Sniffs & Bangs
  • Revolting Relations
  • Shakespearian Slang
  • Magical Poetry


Fascinating facts

  • Variation & Inheritance
  • States of Matter
  • Forces


Big questions

  • Mind over Matter
  • Goodies & Baddies
  • Our Wonderful World
  • To Infinity & Beyond

Supplementing the curriculum pupils will also participate in co-corricular activities and our Lion Reading Challenge.

Contact us

We work in partnership with the Headteachers of local primary schools to help identify pupils who will benefit from the course.

If you would like any further information please email